Heading to the Backcountry

Whether it’s your first trip to the top, or you’re a season hiking veteran, trekking to the backcountry can be an intimidating journey. You need the right conditions, the right education, and of course the right gear. We here at Tubbs want everyone to have the most enjoyable outdoor experience possible so we build product, and provide the resources, to keep you safe and happy out there on your adventures.

If you’re a follower of our blog you’ll notice incredible stories from “the front line” aka, our Tubbs Ambassador Crew. Our ambassadors travel everywhere from the mountains to the trails, and all the hills in between. If you’re interested in our ambassador recommendations for trips and treks, we hope you continue to follow them on our page! 

But if you’re looking for some compiled “Best Of” ideas, we love this list from Backpacker (which was compiled just a few months ago). It’s a great combination of challenging mountain climbs with the less strenuous trail options.

For some serious challenge, check out “20 Winter Backpacking Trips for the Adventurous” from The Outbound. We know we have major travel envy of the photographers on these trips.

But planning your destination is only part of the process. You need to make sure you’re full equipped to stay safe in all conditions. Our sister company, Backcountry Access, has incredible educational tools on their site about avalanche awareness. Even if you don’t think you’ll need it now, if you plan on becoming a backcountry enthusiast, start reading up.

And of course, there’s the gear (our favorite part!). Tubbs makes a variety of backcountry snowshoes fit to keep you safe, moving, and happy on your trek. Our Mountaineer and Flex VRT are fantastic snowshoes for the ultimate enthusiast. Both shoes have premier traction and heel lifts to keep you comfortable on the hills. The difference between them? The Mountaineer is considered a traditional snowshoe (notice the frame) while the Flex VRT is a composite snowshoe which is a great, lightweight option.

You’ll also notice a difference in their bindings. The Mountaineer boasts our ActiveFit binding, which is a simple strap system. On the Flex VRT we have partnered with our friends at BOA to give you an easy-to-use, all-in-one wire system to keep your feet secure and steady.

Last, but not least, in the lineup is the Flex ALP. This shoe, also in our Flex series, keeps your feet in line and moving with a traction rail and toe crampon. It’s a great option for those looking to conquer steep terrain.

There you have it Tubbs fans. Backcountry in a nutshell, except that it would never fit in a nutshell and that’s what makes it great. (Corny joke) Don’t forget to show us your adventures by tagging us @tubbssnowshoes on social media!