Snowshoe For The Cure, New England

Here is another story of survivorship from our partner event: Susan G. Komen’s Snowshoe for the Cure, New England

Pat Killebrew, of La Plata, Maryland is half of the Blooming Bra Ladies pictured at the 2017 Komen New England Snowshoe for the Cure®. Pat is on the right and her friend Sarah is on the left).

Pat’s Story: “Snowshoeing is a part of my survivor story. It was something that I always wanted to do, but had not found time to pursue. With my breast cancer diagnosis, my priorities changed and things that had lingered low on the list of ‘things to do in this life’ got a fresh look.

I took my first trek in my first pair of snowshoes two days after the biopsy that confirmed my breast cancer. Two weeks after that, while I was still waiting for final test results, I went on an inn-to-inn snowshoe hike in Vermont. That was February 2010.

I found the Romp to Stomp (then hosted by Tubbs Snowshoes Inc.) event in Vermont the following year, 2011 – and I was mesmerized by the energy and the outfits and the camaraderie on these huge teams and the amazing support from the local community. I wanted to be a part of that.

The following year (2012) my friend, Sarah, joined me and we’ve been the “Blooming Bra” ladies since then. When Tubbs announced the change in sponsorship, we were very relieved the New England Komen group was picking up and continuing the event.

I have traveled to Colorado to attend the Romp to Stomp event (now a Komen Colorado event) and I volunteered at the Portland (Mt. Hood) event. I have also taken my love for snowshoeing to snowshoe hikes in Lake Placid, Grand Teton National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Sequoia National Park.

Why do we keep going back each year? Traveling from Maryland to Vermont? Snowshoeing is great exercise and allows me to be outdoors and active. The Komen New England Snowshoe for the Cure® event continues the same traditions of the Romp events with a strong sense of community, which is important to me. The fact that I’m still able to do this every year – and that I see so many others returning – is a reminder that we can come together to make a difference.”