Rocky Mountain National Park: Snowshoe Central Excursion

By Diane, Tubbs Ambassador

In preparation for my first Snowshoe Trip with the Longmont Senior Center, my husband and I headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park to look at the snow conditions. We waited until today, as fresh snow was on order to arrive last night. Good thing it snowed 6 inches as many, many folks were out enjoying the high altitude snow conditions at Bear Lake Trailhead.

Don and I strapped on our Flex VRT Tubbs Snowshoes right at the snowy trailhead and headed up the well packed trail. Once we climbed to Nymph Lake we ventured into the untracked forest and that is when I really started to appreciate the stability and lightness of the Flex VRT snowshoes.

As we climbed 1,000 feet in 2 miles, off trail most of the time, engaging the Heel Lifts added to our ease in climbing up to Emerald Lake . We crossed sections of the frozen Dream Lake:

Our traction on the frozen ice was tremendous thanks to the traction rails and the Viper 2.0 Toe Crampon. Full confidence that I would keep my feet under me as the wind gusts came down from the Continental Divide.

The tremendous wind sculpted snow drifts added more dimensions to our off trail adventures. Once again, the Flex VRT snowshoes provided a floating sensation with ease of travel due to stability with each placement, be it sideways, uphill, or downhill. And, most impressively, on the sides of the bottomless snowdrifts. Amazing!