Hike Like a Woman Review: The Flex VRT & Frontier

Snowshoes were provided to Hike Like a Woman to review. Their opinions of the shoes are their own.

Reviewed by Mara:

I have wanted to try snowshoeing for a very long time, so I was incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to review the Tubbs Flex VRT Snowshoes for, Hike Like a Woman. Tubbs is based out of Seattle, Wash. It is a local company for me, which is always a good thing. The snowshoes arrived in just two days and came with a nice, handwritten note, which I thought was a cute, personal touch. The snowshoes are very bright and colorful and only weigh 2 pounds each. I thought that was surprisingly light given the big crampons on the bottom of them.

We finally got some snow in the lower elevation of the Cascades, and I was able to go and try them out. They are VERY easy to put on. There is a little dial on the top they call a Boa Dial. I pulled it out, which loosened the binding, slipped my foot in, adjusted the back strap to the proper length and pushed the dial in and twisted it to tighten the binding around the top of the foot. As a first-time user it took me less than 60 seconds to put both snowshoes on and get them properly adjusted.

Once I got them on I started walking around in them. I had expected that I would need to widen my gait substantially to accommodate for the extra width. I was surprised that I did not need to. The beginning of our trip was a little icy and uphill. The crampons worked great, I did not slip at all. The snowshoes are also flexible. Walking around in them felt very comfortable.

I found a steep hill to walk up to test out the heel lift system. It was easy to pull the heel lifts up, and into place. I started up the hill and they worked great. They lifted my heel up enough to take off the strain from my calf muscles. When I got to the top I released the first heel lift with no problem. The second one stuck. I had to remove the snowshoe and play around with it for a minute to get it to release. Once it released I pulled it back up again and it released with no problem. I
think it just needed to work itself in.

Overall, I think these snowshoes are great and worth the $259.95 price tag. Being a first-time user, they were very easy to figure out and get on. They are comfortable and make walking in deep snow a breeze. They seem to be well made and unlikely to break. I cannot wait to take them out again!


Tubbs Women’s Frontier

Rebecca & Mickey were also able to test out a pair of Tubbs Frontier Snowshoes, and while you can expect a more comprehensive review later this month here are their initial thoughts.

Here’s what they like about these snowshoes.

  • Affordable price! The Frontier’s retail for $159.99 making them an affordable snowshoe that still offers the perks and quality of a more expensive snowshoe.
  • This is a great snowshoe for beginners, it’s lightweight, easy to put on and take off and works well in a variety of snow conditions–from heavy wet snow, to cold, deep snowdrifts.
  • We LOVE the 180 EZ binding system, this system is pretty awesome and makes it so easy to put the snowshoes on and take them off. We did have one of these snowshoes come off once in deep powder snow but we probably didn’t have the binding system tightened up enough.

Our least favorite part of these snowshoes is definitely the rear strap that wraps around the heel, it seems like all the good technology went into the buckle that goes over the foot, the rear strap is nothing more than a piece of plastic with a metal buckle. It’s no fun to adjust in super cold temperatures and the buckle can slip. We’d love to see a more robust rear strap on future models if that can be done while keeping the price down.

Overall though, we’re quite happy with the quality that we’ve found with the Tubbs brand.