Season Recap: Great Winter for Snowshoeing in MN and WI

By Tim Taylor, Tubbs Ambassador

Well, it’s apparent now, less holding out for one more big snow storm, winter is coming to an abrupt halt in Minnesota. Next week temps will reach into the 50’s and coupled with straight sunshine the snow pack will be retreating. It’s been a great winter and an absolute blast generating enthusiasm for snowshoeing while truly exercising the lineup of Tubbs snowshoes below. This is not really a gear review though, I’m not sure I could pick a favorite. They all have been designed well for particular conditions and yet versatile enough to perform across a wide range of conditions and terrain.

I know, I’ve had them all out in a variety of conditions, including the Mountaineers this past March weekend at Pattison State Park, WI. This park is home to Wisconsin’s largest waterfall, aptly named Big Manitou Falls. The Mountaineers really kept my 40lb. pack and I afloat while blazing new trail through deep, heavy, wet snow. Loved the heel lift and aggressive front crampon while powering up several steep ridges and ravines to a campsite behind Little Manitou Falls. And the perks of getting back to where no one else will go – in the silence of winter, falling asleep to the sound of water rushing behind the frozen falls.

In February the Flex Alps and I stumbled across this creek where I sat down and had a quiet trail lunch. The Flex style crampons certainly helped on the snow-covered logs as I crossed the creek!

Also, in February was able to support two cool group events!

With the Super Bowl being held in my backyard I was able to help Super Bowl Live event goers try Tubbs snowshoes the afternoon before the big game! Fun

And with friends and family a day event in northern Wisconsin, again with demos, but complete with cookout, bonfire and lots of laughter!

In January, although bitter cold to the tune of -18°F, I used the Xpeditions to lead several brave souls on an outing as Tubbs took over the 365MileChallenge Instagram site.

Finally, in December a solo camping trip and although challenging in terms of subzero temps and icy conditions the Flex VRTs performed flawlessly. These shoes are second to none on ice!